The Beginning

Known by many names (The Last War, The Dracotastrophe, Civilization and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day), this is regarded as the event that nearly ended the mortal races of the Whirl. Dragons of every color descended on the brightest points of light first, shattering the great armies before they could even get out of bed and put their under armor on. The great archives of history (at least as great as the armies) burned, melted, and were torn asunder, leaving those who would survive no history to guide them in the days to come. Every battle was a losing one, and victory simply meant there were people left at the end. Not even crossing the ocean helped, voracious dragon turtles surfacing all over between the islands, though they weren’t technically dragons and one may question if they were directly related to Dragnorok. Scribe Wolcott says they aren’t, and I’ll have his head one day. Regardless it put the mortal races to the wall.

The Offer

When it seemed to most that it could get no worse, the Dragons found a way. They began to offer the desperate mortals “favor”. They would be granted the Dragons’ power and given elevated status over the people they would then become tasked with enslaving. These traitors would become the first Half-Dragons and their status was decided by the number of slaves tallied to them. The Half-Dragons were given titles to courts previously put to ruin and they were paid in riches taken from the coffers of their kings, and they were happy for a while. That is, until the dragons began to give their blessings to the more destructive and easily manipulated monstrous races. Orcs, gnolls, ogres; they came in from the wilds and began taking the Half-Dragons’ jobs at, though they didn’t know it, half the reward. This sat well with the avarice of the new rulers of the Whirl.

The Dragonborn

The most unusual feature of Dragnorok was the position of the Dragonborn. Though kin to their ancient and powerful cousins, they were treated as all others in all but one way. They were killed and enslaved, but never was a Dragonborn offered favor. Perhaps being so draconic already it could not work on them, or perhaps there was a living disdain for these lesser dragons. Once, there were whispers that the Dragons feared what their blessing would produce when used on the Dragonborn. Maybe they were jealous of the Dragonborn ability to fit through small doors. The truth would be kept with the dragons and they only spoke when they were giving orders or threats.

The Final Council of Mages

Strahd Von Zarovich

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